Do you embrace the cold and snowy weather, or do you flee to the warmer climates?

No matter what you choose, we have our 2 picks for which is best for a Winter Wonderland getaway or a Warm Summer Escape.

If you're the type of person to shudder at the thought of a snowflake touching your skin, you may want to move to Gulf Breeze, Florida. For $859,000, you could have this sandy beach front property at 1444 Homeport Dr. never to endure another day of frigid temperatures.

If skiing, snowboarding, and sledding is your kind of snow-day fun, we have a location that could be just what you're looking for in a place to call home. You'd have to move to Aspen, Colorado for it, of course. 1050 Waters Avenue #12 is a $1,995,000 beauty with rushing water and snowy conditions right outside the large windows throughout the home.

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