This Highland Reserve neighborhood Facebook group was established by Geoff Goolsby and Jeff Anderson as a way to connect with the neighbors and get to know each other. It started because we realized the need to connect with more than just the neighbors to your immediate line of sight. We also wanted it to be a tight community. The initial 100 members were formed purely by word of mouth. The goal here is to build quality connections. From Fifteen Mile to Trehowell to Summerhill Park and everywhere in between, you can build relationships with your neighbors here.

So far, the group has been used to connect with nearby neighbors to:

  1. Announce safety updates and warnings
  2. Make new friends
  3. Plan events
  4. Share life stories
  5. Find (and return) lost dogs
  6. Share and have actual interactive conversations about neighborhood news
  7. Business network (although random, constant solicitations are prohibited)
  8. Hold contests
  9. Host giveaways
  10. Congratulate on birthdays, anniversaries and even new(born) family members

If you're friendly, supportive, fun, interested in our community, or just want to meet new people in the neighborhood, then we speak on behalf of the group when we say, "Welcome!"

Ps. The group is a closed group. You'll need an invitation from a group member and approval from one of the dedicated admins in order to view posts and participate in the group conversation. If you haven't already provided your email address or phone number (used to verify your address) please do so here.