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Cassie Reilly

Cassie Reilly

Lic 02058564

Cassie Reilly grew up in Rocklin, California in a home her father had built.  Her interest in Real Estate began after seeing house flipping shows on HGTV. Eager and excited to renovate homes, she added real estate courses into her Business Administration transfer plan at Sierra College. Cassie inspires herself in real estate by driving through the gorgeous Whitney Oaks and Clover Valley neighborhoods, dreaming of the day when she will sell those gorgeous homes and down the road, live in one. 

Besides real estate, Cassie has a strong passion for art, the outdoors, and creating business plans. She will be attending Sacramento State Fall of 2018 to complete her upper division in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting. 

When she is not working on real estate or school work, she enjoys painting, snowboarding, and hiking in the hills of Auburn.  One of Cassie's aspirations for her first year in real estate are to help at least 10 families buy or sell a home.

If you are in need of a realtor who is honest, dedicated, and passionate, give Cassie a call!